• Deodorant works really well, nice scent, and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Already reordered!

Etsy customer review

  • Hands down, the best lip balm I have ever used! Very nice mild soap! Is very compatible with well water. I love Art.Soap.Life!

Jan Rempel

  • What I love is firstly this gal is local, buying Canadian. And the smell of Lemon/ Rose is fragrant and honestly just lifts my mood! Grateful to have her in my Province! I try to buy 8 or 10 at a time! Thank you ArtSoapLife!

L Adam

  • This deodorant works great and smells amazing. Love it! Will be buying from ArtSoapLife again 🙂

Etsy customer review

  • amazing product – really does work. this product is so authentic – I love it!

Judy Rogness

  • The product smells amazing and the tiny cedar box is absolutely adorable!

Holly Melnychuk

  • I’ve loved this deodorant ever since I first tried it. I’ve tried multiple natural deodorants that were never totally effective. This one not only works better than any natural or chemical filled deodorant I’ve tried but it also feels nice to put on and smells great. I never want to use another deodorant again.

Etsy customer review

  • I bought the Purple Haze Lip Balm in the little birch box and it is awesome. Super moisturizing. Smells awesome. Cute af packaging.

Vanessa Willms-Wong

  • I buy alot of soap and this stuff is amazing. Bubbly. Just awesome.

Jessica Dawn

  • If you have hands like mine, check out Spruce Street Soaps. My hands are in water all the time. If it’s at work, rinsing chemicals from the hair, or at home cleaning up after my toddler, I’m always washing my hands. They used to crack and bleed. I would wear gloves to bed with lotion slathered underneath, with hope that they’d improve before the next day of constant hand washing. I was introduced to spruce Street soaps last year. Rebecca’s soap recipes have honestly saved my hands. I don’t have cracking, I don’t have bleeding, and most of the time I don’t even use lotion. I will be a customer as long as she keeps making soap!

Angelina Kisiloski – Winnipeg, MB

  • I think the products are amazing! I use the Healing Salve and the Intensive Moisture Hand & Body Cream on my psoriasis and it keeps it moisturized and stops the itching. I also use the Chamomile & Calendula soap which really keeps my skin soft and smooth. I also love the Rosy Glow Lip Balm.

            The smells of these products are wonderful and the prices are fantastic!

Mona Maxfield – Winnipeg, MB

  • I love the citrus tea tree and patchouli cream deodorant from Art Soap Life! I have sensitive armpits and have been looking for a earth friendly deodorant for a while, but have been disappointed with other brands. This deodorant lasts all day, and keeps my pit skin happy. So I can still be a hippie, but without the stank.

Allison Reimer – Winnipeg, MB

  • I very much enjoy the natural deodorant! It’s effective, moisturizing and soothing- I got a sample and had to come back for more! Also love the amazing hippy scent of the citrus patchouli.

Janaya Rieger – Winnipeg, MB