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It’s time to rethink cleaning

Every time I give my two year old a bath, I clean the tub first. No matter what, there seems to always be a ring and with two dogs whose muddy paws also get rinsed in said tub, it just needs to be done each time. I had recently made some liquid dish soap paste that I was going to dilute for my dishes sitting on my counter and didn’t feel like going to the closet to get whatever natural all purpose cleaner I was trying this time. I took a brush and just swiped some paste on it, quickly wet it, and let me tell you – it was the easiest, most straightforward tub cleaning I have ever had. Using minimal water, it stayed on the brush and had an extended lather as I did the whole tub and it rinsed away easily. Even my husband was excited about it when he tried it. “We need to make a an infomercial like that slap chop guy!” There are no weird smells or worries about little ones being around it. This stuff is gold. I use it for my counters, my sinks, my tub and shower, and my floors (it works for removing crayon too, don’t ask me how I know that). You use less water, there is less waste as it sticks to the cloth or brush so less gets washed down the drain. It is gentle on skin and unscented, it has a very short ingredient list and breaks down grease and dirt fast. Our concentrated cleaning gel was born. You can feel good about where this product is made – right here by my two hands in Manitoba. I source ingredients from Canadian companies. You don’t need to worry about what you are washing down the drain – because it’s concentrated soap! No detergents, surfactants, phtalates, sulfates, any of that. Just saponified organic oils.

I would love to help you rethink cleaning and embrace natural products, made locally, that work.


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