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Love Your Skin Naturally

As the air continues to get colder and our furnace kicks in more often, I have already noticed my skin feeling more dry. It has been years since I bought a water based lotion, and for this newsletter I wanted to share with you why: balms and butters. No filler water content that just evaporates anyway, no need for harsh preservatives as they are oil, butter and beeswax based. No artificial fragrances, only essential oils which smell amazing and help nourish skin.

The bare face and body butter is a heavy hitter with a light touch. Unscented, for all ages, this butter is my go to for my daughter after winter baths since she was born, I slather it on before bed for my own dry patches, and as an extra layer of facial moisturizer a couple times a week before bed after the daily use of my facial oil.

Our versatile and all natural balms are the bomb. They come in four scents and each has a unique botanical infusion to soften and soothe skin naturally. All of them can be used for lips, hands, and body. Anywhere you would normally use a lotion, you can use the balm! You just don’t need as much because these are pure organic and local oil based with Manitoba beeswax to keep it firm until it melts on your skin and add an extra layer of protection and moisturizing goodness. These balms make great cuticle cream, balm for dry or cracked hands and heels, intensive moisture for lips, chapped noses, I even rub some on Clio’s cheeks before going outside in the winter to protect from wind burn and the elements and sometimes a little on my cheeks too too to give a healthy sheen. It is so good! Did I mention there are two sizes of balms available in eco friendly laser cut birch boxes made here in Winnipeg? I order them from a local small business and then I assemble each one and pour the balms I make into them. And the artwork on top? That is also mine, based on a drawing of a microcellular root cross cut. These boxes are a pure labour of love from design, to the finished product. I hope you love them as much as I do!